Protection Products

Critical Illness Cover - This is designed to pay out a (Tax Free) lump sum in the event of you suffering certain types of serious illness or certain types of surgery.

Income Protection - An income protection policy will pay out a regular tax free monthly income if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. Both the Employed and Self Employed can take out the cover. If you are never able to work again it will be paid until your selected retirement age. Level Term Assurance- This assurance will only pay out within the set “Term” E.G. 20 years. The lump sum you receive is fixed from the start to the end of the term.

Level Term Assurance pays out a guaranteed known figure should you die within the fixed term.

Decreasing Mortgage Term Assurance - This assurance is designed to pay off the remaining mortgage debt on repayment mortgages if you die within the set term.