Insolvency Support Services

We have developed a service to support the Insolvency Market and further help supervisors meet the aims of both maximising estate revenues and reducing the rate of failure cases. Our aim is to offer a bespoke service to best suit your practice.

Annual I&E review – offering a support service to the supervisors by verifying income and expenditure plus ensuring contact details are up to date.

Money saving review – assisting clients by identifying ways of increasing household income or reducing outgoings to prevent cases failing.

Month 54 equity review – ensuring that the terms of the propsal are met for homeowners by providing an assisted valuation report to evidence the equity position. If there is potential equity we can assist the clients to raise funds where possiblle to offer to creditors as a full and final settlement.

Negotiating Personal Guarantee’s – we also offer a service which allows us to assist with negotiating the amount required to repay P G’s. We can then look to raise the finance in the most cost effective way.

We provide the Insolvency Company with a file letter to evidence whether we were successful or an explanation as to why we were unable to raise capital together with a copy of the valuation report.

For further information please contact us on 0161 343 4141.